To build a vision for any organization to all those present at the workshop to build a strategic response to the key question to determine
Vision: \"What do we want to be?\"
Vision has a well-established laws shall not bear a debate to be philosophical be the amounts or dates not. The company has the right to dream
But the dream of the future and can already be achieved.
When vision building should imagine three basic views and how they interact with the vision:
Customers: On the client to feel that the vision of this institution will be a high level of quality and
The company\'s ongoing and it will expand.
Employees of the institution: When you read the vision to employees of the institution must feel that they are the most important resource in which Mann Foundation
Will continue in their development and that the company has a plan for expansion.
Competitors: When you read the vision that the Foundation senses that rival feared but respected institution.
IES company used the latest methods of brainstorming during the workshop. Each participant was given the amount of securities
White and black pen Marker and asked them to write a single word just would like to see in vision. All that has been written from the audience
Ideas were monitored and recorded. Initial ideas exceeded 23 paper and an idea.
During the brainstorming is not at all to speak or debate of ideas or even to comment on it. This happened after the completely finished brainstorming
Mental and record all ideas and thoughts.