WadySons company is a medium-sized factory in the industrial sector for the manufacture of flexible packaging and printing materials, where the factory is located
The industrial zone in transit. The company\'s products is a manufacturer of flexible packaging and printing materials and the number of employees of the company about
53 workers and employees, are marketing their products in the local market and the Arab states.
The report\'s goal is to provide an analysis of the current position and future of the company as well as the people of the valley to clarify what has been introduced from
Vision and mission of the company next to the analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
The main purpose of this mission is to help the people of the valley company to enhance its capabilities through the current organization analyze and identify
Strong and weak points of the company and is derived several strategies in a scientific way that allows the lifting of the efficiency of performance and a smooth flow of information
The proper control and raise the quality of products and the level of development and expansion in the market share of the company\'s internal and external market.
The goal is to connect all of the goals and vision of the people of the valley company.
The IES has designed special questionnaire (supplied) for the analysis of career employees of the sons of Valley company to collect all the information
Required to remedy their company\'s knowledge workers and their daily tasks and learn the technical level are avilable for all employees and a statement
Over Aanaajthm training with allowing them to mention the points that need improvement and development as well as the request of all of them all
Levels of opinion and positive suggestions put forward to the people of the valley company.
IES company has to meet with the technical and administrative employees of the people of the valley workshop in the factory in the region
- Industrial City transit to build a strategic plan for the company throughout the three-day sessions) Thursday, January 22 Wednesday 22
January Tuesday, February 5 (2103 at the factory in transit.